Who We Are

We are a team of creative individuals who are passionate about producing the highest quality digital products and helping businesses of all sizes grow organically.

About Us

2012: Solid Society was founded

Solid Society began as a successful e-commerce site that sold merchandise primarily marketed through social media. Rachel (Founder) was one of the primary social media influencers that started the wave of brand marketing.

2018: Everything changed

Within three years from its start, the brand solely generated over 20,000 product sales and accumulated over 900,000 total Instagram followers, all through organic social media marketing.

2020: Expanding

They expanded to a full-service marketing agency and digital template marketplace, with a team of talented individuals across the country. They currently serve clients in over 10 industries.

Creators of the First Digital Itineraries on Etsy

Rachel Gilreath Richards

Founder and CEO

Caroline Catanzarite

Manager of Operations

Lauren Maddox

Account Manager

Brooke Hoffman

Digital Product Coordinator

Adrianna Wurtz

Digital Media Coordinator

Alison Lim

Website Designer

Janai Griffin

Website Designer

Claire Casalaspi

Social Media Coordinator